Section 1 - Unconventional electric machines and drives

Magnetic field of an ironless PM motor
A. Afonin
Configuration of disc-type permanent magnet motors
A. Afonin, P. Paplicki
Brushless DC machine
I. Aliyev
Characteristics of asynchronous energy saving motor
I. Aliyev, V. Bespalov
Traction and normal forces of linear induction motors for monorail transport system
V.A. Begalov, A.T. Gorelov, F.N. Sarapulov
Magnetic field a round the contact wire of DC railway electric traction during starting the electric locomotive
A. Bielawski
Leakage inductive reactances of stator winding of induction motors with asymmetric magnetic circuit
V. Denisenko, A. Plastun, S. Avdeev, P. Pupyrev, A. Yarovoi
Induction noiseless motors with asymmetric magnetic circuit for supply pumps of residential and administrative buildings
V. Denisenko, A. Plastun, V. Nedzelskiy, M. Ardashev, A. Shishkin, V. Yudintsev
The electric drive of the plotting table on the basis of the linear asynchronous engine
V.N. Dmitriev, A.L. Kislitsin
Electric drives in modern cars
A.Garbacik, P.Kaczor, P. Rydzyński, M. Wardach, S. Wiszniewski
Research permanent_magnet synchronous machine and design of electric drive in the power system package
S. German-Galkin, B. Olech
Electro-dynamic retardation with permanent magnets for railway transport
B.S. Glagolev, E.A. Mahova, Ju. V. Obodovsky, D.Ju. Skubov, L.V. Shtukin
The research of magnetic field and forces in electric machines on base of SEMA technology
V.V. Grebenikov
Time-spatial MMF of AC motors supplied from power semiconductor circuits
J. Grochowalski
A motor design approach for a customer specific development at PM°DM
H. Hans, M. Klőpzig, V.V. Popov
Innovative motor designs with respect to high cost-efficiency ratio
H. Hans, M. Klőpzig, V.V. Popov
Application of some selected statistic functions in diagnostics of electric machines
P. Idziak
Optimization of algorithms of LIM mathematical models on detailed substitution schemes
S. Ivanitsky, V. Ivanitskaya, F. Sarapulov, V. Goman
Features of synthesis of nonlinear structural models of the linear asynchronous motors
V.A. Ivanuskin, D.V. Isakov, A.I. Prokhorov, P. Szymczak
The use methodsof simulation for designing slotless DC electrical machines
V.A. Izotov
Simulation of the load diagram of asynchronized turbogenerator 110 MW by the numerical methods and method of mutual loadinging
I.A. Kadi-Ogly, A.V. Sidelnikov, E.F. Kadi-Ogly, B.V. Sidelnikov
Reluctance motor with tooth pitch stator winding
D.L. Kaloujski, A.M. Strizhov
Low-speed reluctance synchronous machines with an electromagnetic reducing
W. Kaminski, B.V. Sidelnikov
Electromagnetic compability ensuring of superconducting magnetic systems and traditional electric equipment placed in limited space
A. Khozhainov, V. Nikitin, G. Sereda
Efficiency of application of multi-agent CAD for high-used asynchronous electric motors designing
A.S. Kobelev
The influence of the rotor magnetic circuit shape on the parameters of the reluctance motor
J. Kołowrotkiewicz, W. Szeląg
Induction machines for electrodynamic separation of non-ferrous metals from solid wastes
A.Yu. Konyayev, K.V. Kuznetsov, S.L. Nazarov, V.N. Udinzev
The suburban direct current 3 kV electric train with asynchronous traction drive
A. Kornev, A. Kovtun, N. Lysov, A. Yakushev, O. Kolodkin, V. Ivaschenko
Influence of magnetic fluid properties on magnetorheological brake characteristics
W. Łyskawiński, W. Szeląg
Note on measurability of instantaneous speed of combined multifunctional brushless exciter
A. Plastun, V. Denisenko, A. Moiseichenkov, A. Shipitsin
Dynamic model of pulse linear electromotor
F.N. Sarapulov, D. N. Tomashevsky, A.L. Chramcoe
3-phase zinc MHD-pump characteristics research
S.F. Sarapulov, V.E. Frizen, B.A. Sokunov, A.V. Bychkov
Permanent magnet excited synchronous motor damping circuit identification singularities
B.V. Sidelnikov, S. Szkolny
Numerical modeling of electrodynamics processes based on finite element method
Yu. Soloveychik, M. Persova, M. Royak, R. Petrov
Diagnostic investigations of the asynchronous motor supplied with the voltage inverter
A. Sołbut, J. Werdoni
Increase of limited power and structural optimization of static induction devices with spatial magnetic cores
A. Stavinsky, O. Plakhtyr, R. Stavinsky
The express estimation of value of an impact current of short circuit of synchronous machines
A. Sudacov, E. Chabanov
Finite element analysis of the rotating transformer of the resolver
W. Szeląg, J. Kołowrotkiewicz, P. Sujka, K. Żółtowski
The axial inductor motor with tooth pitch stator winding
O.N. Veselovski, D.L. Kaloujski, E.I. Krutskih
Modern design procedures for new electric drives
T. Wichert, H. Kuß, U. Schuffenhauer
Generator-transformer aggregate
I. Zabora, K. Vildanov, I. Aliyev
Capacity compensation use for perfection of characteristics of the asynchronous electric drive in conditions of feeding from extendended line
P.I. Zakharchenko, G.S. Checkavsky, S.V. Karas
Calculation of air gap magnetic conductance of valve motors
P.I. Zakharchenko, M.Z. Dudnik, S.V. Karas, Ye.B. Kovalyov