Section 2 - Electrical equipment of ships, underwater vehicles and port objects

Information protektion and geographical information systems
O.V. Blintsov
Control systems of underwater robots on the artifical intelligence basis
S.V. Blintsov
Main features of electric power systems used on modern offshore drilling vessels
V.S. Blintsov, A.K. Zhook, D.A. Zhook
Application of superconductivity to ship electrical equipment
N.A. Chernoplekov, L.I. Chubraeva
Underwater vehicles as means of transport
T. Graczyk, M. Matejski
Electrical equiment improving the manoeuvring effectiveness of sea-going vessels
W. Kramarz
The influence of water electrolysis on the efficiency of the electro-hydropulse power converter
N.S. Nazarova, A.M. Kurach, L.E. Ovchinnikova, S.S. Kozyrev
Creation of model underwater electrical explosion as an object of control
N.S. Nazarova, L.E. Ovchinnikova, S.S. Kozyrev
Simulation model of hydrodynamics of untethered submersible
V.F. Timoshenko
Economical integration with European Union as a challenge for polish enterprises of electrical branch
B. Węgrzyn