Section 3 - Power converters and control of electromechanical systems

Nonlinear speed control systems for a PM synchronous motor drive
T. Barciński
The converter for induction heating
Yu. Bogolubov, K. Arhipov, S. Tulenev
A predictive algorithm to control electric multi-zone furnaces
S. Domek, L. Tarasiejski
The Spice macromodel of MC34066 controller
K. Górecki, J. Zarębski
Determination of torques of controlled electric motors
V.N. Grigoriev, V.S. Rogachevsky
PWM strategies of three-level inverters
S. Halász
The control and simulation of the flow of pallets in a flexible manufacturing system, using Petri networks
M. Jaworski, A. Jardzioch
Semi-digital high voltage pulse generator
S. Kalisiak, M. Hołub
Unconventional application of small programable logic controllers
M. Krasodomski
Modernisation of trams in Estonia
J. Laugis, T. Lehtla, E. Pettai, J. Joller, A. Rosin, M. Lehtla, D. Vinnikov
Digital integrated system of accelerating-balancing facility control
E. Ljubimov, V. Bogdanov, V. Gavrilov
Electromagnetic field analysis in pulse transformer
W. Łyskawiński
Electrical multiple units (EMU) with power converters for control speed
A. Maznev, O. Shatnev, A. Evstefyev
Contactless high power supply
J. Meins, F. Turki, R. Czainski
Universal PID controller with variable integral time constant
H. Misztal
Deterioration of the dynamics in the digitally controlled systems due to the delay and filtering of the signals
R. Muszyński
PID controller parameters for a disc-type machine control system
B.V. Sidelnikov, S. Szkolny
Model following control in vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motor
B. Stankiewicz, M. Wlizło, D. Iwanowski
Microprocessor's measure system of the asynchronous motor torque
J. Werdoni, A. Sołbut
Modelling of L296 regulator in Spice
J. Zarębski, K. Górecki, K. Posobkiewicz