Section 4 - Special power systems and their components

Influence analysis of small repowered wind power plants on the reliability of the local grid
G. Barzyk, M. Dopiera
Determination of temperature distribution in oval three-phase shielded heavy current lines
K. Bednarek
Analysis of stability of electric power system in cooperation with wind power plant
A. Bielawski, O. Małyszko
The analysis of thyristor converter influence on power line considering switching oscillations
V.S. Blintsov, A.K. Zhook
Methods of optimal distribution system planning and reliability indexes
J. Buriak
Current commutation process in a ultra-fast fuse-IGBT hybrid circuit breaker
J. Czucha
New hybrid current limiting devices
J. Czucha
Small hydroset for low water heads
J. Danilevich, A., Kovalenko
The concept of assistant system for analogue class technical object servicing
S. Duer, R. Duer
Control systems for heat distribution networks, utilizing the measurements of transport delays
M. Durna¶, P. Szwed
The new generation of the educational laboratory equipment in electrical engineering and electromechanics
Yu.P. Galishnikov, P.N. Senigov, N.N. Begletzov
Shock hazard of operator in an ergotic control system for electric power complexes
J. Hrynkiewicz
On appraisal of business performance efficiency
V. Ivanitsky, S. Ivanitsky, E. Zudov, L. Distergeft
Three-phase PWM rectifer with parallel active power filter
J. Jankowski, R. Łuczkowski
Method of calculation of energy consumption costs by change of voltage supply from 220V to 230V
W. KuĽma
Chaotic phenomena in 3-generators model of power system
O. Małyszko
Ant colony algorithm constructive method for electric power system reconfiguration
Y. Massim, R. Meziane, A. Ghouraf, A. Zeblah
A new mathematical model to optimize a strategy of imperfect preventive maintenance using ant colonies
Y. Massim, A. Zeblah, R. Meziane
Power systems for pulse technologies
L. Miroshnichenko, A. Goloborodko
Safety culture at a company
M.W. Oleszak, W. Oleszak
Shaping and improvement of attitudes of employees in the range of safe work at the electrical equipment
M.W. Oleszak, W. Oleszak
Generators for diesel and gas-turbine power plants and hydrogenerators with brushless excitation systems of nonconventional dsign for low-power plants
Y. Radchenko, M. Ryabov, G. Pekerman, V. Chernyshov, S. Elbert, A. Plastun, V. Denisenko
Unconventional generators for reneable power sources
G.S. Rogachevskaya, E.V. Kuleshov, B.V. Sidelnikov
Voltage source conditioners property
R. Strzelecki, M. Jarnut, G. Benysek
The influence of the inerpfase power controller on the steady state value of current at the line interference state
K. Szubert
Generator circuit-breaker for the security of block transformer in power with 230 MW power blocks
P. Szwed
Selected issues of activity of the ENEA S.A. power Engineering Group - Branch Office in Szczecin
D. Wieczorek, K. Żyto
Some ecological problem with power transmission lines
M. Zeńczak