Section - 6 EE, electronics and IT in medicine and biology

Acquisition and automatic classification of acoustical phenomena associated with human intestinal activity
J. Arlet, J. Sawicki, W. Mickiewicz
Bad breathe diagnosis system using OMX-GR sensor and neural network for telemedicine
B. Karlik, Y. Al-Bastaki
Exposure of students of electrical faculty in low-frequency electromagnetic fields
M. Krupczyński, M. Zeńczak
Force field transformation and segmentation of medical images
D. Mostowski
Use of biometric samples in cryptography and for electronic signature hardening
D. Mostowski
Safe transmission information about work of artificial limb of heart
M.W. Oleszak, A. Worach
Bluetooth devices in biomedical equipment
K. Penkala
Statistical analysis of the pattern electroretinogram (PERG) signal
K. Szlachta, K. Penkala, A. Brykalski, W. Lubiński
Topological derivative in impedance tomography
A. Świerczyński
The light prevention systems against SAD
Z. Turlej