Section 7 - New electric technologies and materials

Development of high-voltage superconductive alternator operating with DC transmission line
E.N. Andreev, L.I. Chubraeva, V.L. Kunaev, M.Yu. Platonova
Multiblock thermoplastic elastomers for electrotechnical use
P. Andruszkiewicz, L. Subocz, R. Ukielski, M. Piątek
Performance of chosen magnetic materials in cryogenic temperatures
S. Azarewicz, A. Buniowski, D. Gaworska, B. Węgliński
Leakage currents analysis as a result of insulator ageing
S. Banaszak
Influence of UV radiation on epoxy insulation properties (II)
J. Bursa
High-temperature superconducting materials of the 1-st and 2-nd generation and prospects for their application in electric engineering
N.A. Chernoplekov, L.I. Chubraeva
Designing and opertation aspects connected with the implementation of the M-bus system for remote media monitoring in multi-family houses
M. Dopiera
A method of M-bus network data transmission based on Internet technology
M. Dopiera, A. Komander
The expansion of plasma from cathode spots in low-current vacuum arc
P. Idziak, J. Janiszewski
The heating processes on anoide surface in high-current vacuum arc
J. Janiszewski
Design problems of a microwave electrotechnological installations for thermal influence on the object of processing
S. Kalganova
Fast algorithm for satellite images deformations
A. Khereddine, K. Benmahammed
Multi-sensor data fusion in land vehicles
S. Konotowski
Electrotechnology of steel production and electrodynamic interactions in arc steel furnace
M.G. Kuz'min, L.P. Goreva, R.A. Bikeyev
A ring-core of a new design for fluxgate magnetic field sensors
S. Moskowicz
Light intensity curves calculations of flat light guides with prismatic elements
A. Pawlak, K. Zaremba
Selected problems related to calculationsof local lighting luminaires with a circular fluorescent lamp
A. Pawlak, K. Zaremba
Time delay estimation in the correlation method of speed measurement
A. Pieniężny
Low-pass bessel filters with varying parameters
J. Piskorowski
Charge storage and relaxation in composite insulation of electrical machines
Y. Polonsky, V. Popov, M. Borisova, P. Tsatsykin, O. Galjukov
Examine the processes taking place in polymers exposed to electric field
J. Pomianowski
Inductive magneto-hydro-dynamic installations for non-ferromagnetic metal casting
S.F. Sarapulov, W. Kamiński
Measurement and accounts systems of media consumption in housing construction when applying dissipated systems
J. Skórski, M. Dopiera
The calculation of heating costs on the base of results of recording of flat compartments temperatures
J. Skórski, W. Szaflik
Electronic components image acquisition for electronic production verification
P. Spychalski
Characteristic of epoxy insulators in ageing test
D. Subocz, L. Subocz
Electrical properties of materials for diving pressure suits
L. Subocz
Effects of environment on the electric properties of recycled polyethyleine filled with wood flour
Z. Tartakowski, A. Gregorova, J. Bursa
Control characteristics for superconductor switching elements driven by optical and current pulses
J. Waśkiewicz
A digital controller in a computer-integrated system for the program control of the temperature changing processes in nonlinear objects
A. Wyszkowski
New soot processing electrotechnology
B. Yudin
Calculating luminous intensity curves for mirror, rotationally symmetrical reflectors, reflecting axially-parallel beam of luminous flux
K. Zaremba
Modelling the luminous intensity distribution curve of fluorescent lamps with an internal reflector
K. Zaremba
Measurement and monitoring of power consumption in modern electrical installations
T. Zarębski