This year Conference UEES`04 - the 6th Conference on "Unconventional Electromechanical and Electrical Systems" is the tradition continuance of our previous four conferences named analogously. The UEES Conferences, starting from the first event in Sevastopol in 1995, have already found their stable and durable position in contemporary history and are considered an international event integrating the scientists and specialists from Central, Eastern and Western Europe.
This is the third time the Conference is held on the Crimea, one of the most unique places in Ukraine, with popular seaside resorts situated along the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea, famous for its natural attractiveness and distinctive beauty.
This year Conference is an exceptional event in several aspects. First of all - it is organized in 2004, the year that the Presidents of both Ukraine and Poland have jointly declared as Polish Year in Ukraine. Secondly - it is held on the Crimea, the place where the great Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz created his poetry, having revealed the beauty of the land in his Crimean Sonnets. Moreover, the poet appeared to have been a friend of electrical science and electricians, uttering that amity in his hymn: "To Thou I Will Drink". Finally, this year Conference recalls the eminent individuality of Stefan Drzewiecki, whose attitude towards international cooperation is worth following, and commemorates his 160th Birth Anniversary. Stefan Drzewiecki was a great scientist and genius inventor and, considering the society of electrical engineers - a pioneer of electric drive for underwater vessels constructed in Odessa.
Considering the suggestions and experiences from previous UEES Conferences the Organizers extended the Conference theme scope by two seminars. The first one: "Stefan Drzewiecki - a pioneer of aviation and electric-driven submarine vehicles" to commemorates the 160th Birth Anniversary of the genius inventor and scientist, and another one: "Life and Work of Adam Mickiewicz - an eminent polish poet, praiser of the Crimean beauty".
The materials of the 6th UEES Conference include papers submitted by numerous scientists and specialists from Algeria, Bahrain, Byelorussia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and USA. The Organizing Committee received 239 papers, subject to review by our colleagues involved in works of the Program Committee of UEES'04. From among all papers, 179 papers were accepted and published in form of a three-volume book and an electronic file on CD-ROM. Many papers are of discussive character. We are deeply convinced that the papers will be beneficial and interesting for professionals. We believe the papers contents will stimulate active exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as provoke creative discussions.
Moreover, the exceptional idea of round table discussions is continued. It provides essentially important opportunity for the scientists, industry representatives and youth attendees to meet and discuss, to exchange their ideas and know-how, to consider the economic aspects of the issues essential for the participants from the countries mentioned above. The origins of that idea lie in the long and successful cooperation between scientific-research workers from Szczecin in West-Pomeranian Region and research workers from scientific centers of Kiev and Mykolaiv in Ukraine.
On behalf of the Chairmen of the Conference Committees, we would like to express our acknowledgments and appreciation to all the Organizers and Co-organizers of the Conference UEES'04 whose particular involvement and efforts have given rise to this year's event. Exceptional gratitude is addressed to our Colleagues from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Szczecin, Poland and Colleagues from the Ukrainian National Shipbuilding University.
We wish all the UEES'04 Participants to have successful debates and presentations. We are convinced that overall efforts should ensure the Conference and accompanying social activities to proceed smoothly, in encouraging and friendly atmosphere.


Doctor Piotr Szymczak

Chairman of InternationalOrganizing Committee UEES`04

Professor Eugeniusz Koziej

Chairman of InternationalProgram Committee UEES`04

Szczecin, August 2004


Ambassador of Polish Embassy in Ukraine
President of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences