The scientific co-operation between the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and the Institute of Electrodynamical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine dates back to 1990, when the International Symposium on Linear Motors was held in Odessa (1-6 Sep 1990). An aftereffect was the Ukrainian-Russian-Polish Seminar on "Unconventional Electromechanical Computer Controlled Converters", held in Sevastopol on 5-9 Sep 1993. The seminar gave rise to develop an idea to organize an international conference "Unconventional Electrical and Electromechanical Systems" under a common formulae: Two Seas: Baltic Sea and Black Sea.
An intention of the conference Organizers from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and the Institute of Electrodynamical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is to provide a convenient place of meetings and discussion a platform for researchers, scientists inventors from different countries, working on unconventional electric machines and devices, in particular on electromechanical converters of linear, rotary or combined drives applicable in various industry sectors, ocean technology, medicine or robotics.
The scope of themes suggested for conference debates included: unconventional electric machines and drive systems; maritime electrical engineering, electronic engineering and modern control systems for electromechanical systems; new generation power engineering systems; new materials and new technologies in electrical engineering.
The new themes to be discussed at the conferences are more extensive every year. The new technologies and materials as well as new achievements and progress in electronics and computer techniques for control purposes enforce broader approach in that field. New methods of analysis and synthesis of drive systems, as well as converters and control systems become increasingly significant.
Before UEES conferences started both Poland and Europe lacked of a scientific conference of similar theme orientation.


The first International Scientific-technical Conference on "Unconventional Electromechanical and Electrotechnical Systems" UEES'95 took place in Sevastopol in 10-15 July 1995. After the Conference, the Printing Agency of Technical University of Szczecin, published a volume collecting the conference materials, comprising 63 papers. Since that time the Organizers have always been using their sevices. The Organizers of that Conference were the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The second Conference UEES'96 was organized in Szczecin and Międzyzdroje on 15-17 Dec 1996. There were 162 papers published in 3 volumes. The prime Organizers of the Conference were the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, however there were seven other institutions co-organizing the event. The UEES'96 marked the 50-th Anniversary of commencement the Electrical Faculty of Technical University of Szczecin.
The third Conference "Unconventional Electromechanical and Electrical Systems" UEES'97 was organized on 19-21 Sep 1997 in Alushta in Crimea. There were 208 papers published in 3 volumes. The main organizers were the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and State Polytechnical University of Kharkov. The conference marked the 50-th Anniversary of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The forth International Conference UEES'99 held in St. Petersburg was held on 21-22 Jun 1999. The scope of themes was extended by mechatronic related issues. The Organizers of the conference were the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Technical University, Faculty of Electromechanics of St. Petersburg. Additionally, seven more institutions participated in conference organization. The conference materials published in 3 volumes contained 221 papers. The conference marked two significant jubilees: the 100-th Anniversary of launching National Technical University of St. Petersburg and the 190-th Anniversary of establishing the State Transport University of St. Petersburg.
This year conference, the 5-th Conference "Unconventional Electromechanical Electrical Systems" UEES'01 continues the tradition of previous four conferences of analogous name. It is the small anniversary, so the conference can be spoken of in terms of a modest jubilee and some tradition continuation. In contrast to preceding conferences, the Organizers of UEES'01 conference extended the theme scope with: ocean technology and maritime technologies as well as medical sciences and biomedical engineering.
The underlying theme of this year conference is "Electrical Engineering of XXI-th century for Ocean and Maritime Technologies". The materials of 5th Conference, UEES'01, cover 207 papers submitted by the scientists and specialists from 23 countries.
For some last years the rapid development in domains technologies and sciences discussed during UEES conferences has confirmed the need and significance to continue organization of that type conference.


The Participants to plenary meetings in poster groups and sub-groups indicated new directions and the results of researches, formulated the tasks and prospective plans concerning unconventional electric machines, drives and equipment as well as proposals on new materials, techniques and technologies.
The conferences were organized in co-operation and multilateral assistance of the leading scientific centres of Ukraine (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Russia (National Academy of Sciences of Russia) and the Committee of Polish Electrical Engineering at Polish Acedemy of Sciences as well as the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences and many other international and domestic scientific-technical associations, (SEP, IEEE, PTETiS). In total 5 editions of our Conferences (UEES'95, UEES'96, UEES'97, UEES'99 and UEES'01) there were 31 countries represented, resulting in 861 papers on over 5,500 pages collected in 14 volumes published in total.
An extremely high interest was paid to invited papers, presented at plenary sessions. The papers were presented by several foreign professors, who in chronological order appear here: E. Cardelli (Italy), A.K. Shidlovsky (Ukraine), J. Gieras (RPA, USA), T. Jokinen (Finland), S. Saadate (France), A. Scherba (Ukraine), A. Kirlenko (Ukraine), T.E. Eastham (China), V.B. Klepikov (Ukraine), F. Palis (Germany), Y.M. Plieskachevskiy (Bialorussia), F.N. Sarapulov (Russia), J. Fazis (Iran), M. Klytta (Germany), E. Cheched (Ukraine), S. Halasz (Hungary), S.G. German Gałkin, P. Kostrauskas (Lithuania), A. Alexandrovitz (Israel), J. Pavelka (Czech), Y.P. Koskin (Russia), V. Ye Pavlov (Russia), V.V. Sapoznikov (Russia) and R.Sikora, M. Dąbrowski, A. Afonin, B. Sidelnikov, M. Dąbrowski, M.P. Kaźmierkowski, J. Turowski, E. Koziej, Z. Ciok, H. Tunia, M. Wierzejski, B. Fijałkowski, H. Mościcka-Grzesiak, B. Zaporowski, A. Piegat, A. Demenko, G. Plenzner. R. Strzelecki, S. Wiak, L. Turek Kwiatkowska from Poland and others.
Within the period from the first conference event date until this time, it is sad to realize that many of our colleges and outstanding specialists passed away. They were our colleges and fiends; the death took also the members of Program Committee of our Conferences. Let us recall their names here: Prof. Stanisław Góra, Prof. Vladimir Gamajunov, Prof. Grzegorz Plenzner and Prof. Roman Sobański. The remembrance about their work and themselves will stay in our memories.
The most important statistical information on particular Conferences UEES has been presented in the diagrams and charts below (Fig. 1-4).

Fig. 1. Chart illustrating the number of papers submitted and published
Fig. 2. Chart illustrating the number of papers accepted from Poland and abroad
Fig. 3. Chart illustrating the number of co-authors of Polish and foreign papers
Fig. 4. Chart illustrating the number of countries where Conference Participants came from


The anniversaries of events are traditionally attended and concerned as the moments of reflection and historical reminiscence and recollection. Shaping consciously our present life and our future we should use the experiences of the past. Besides, in the shadows of those who were well visible, great and eminent innovators and scientists, a great number of other were working and contributed with their "brick" in the entire development and improvement process of technology and engineering advancement of knowledge. Undoubtfully, that group of noblemen and outstanding scientists consists of Paweł Nipkov - precursor of television system, Henryk Merczyng - pioneer of electric rail drive and M. Dolivo-Dobrowolski - the originator of three-phase current system.
Initiated by the Organisers of UEES'99 Conference and with support and assistance of the Authorities of State Transport University in St. Petersburg as well as General Consul of Poland, the outstanding scientist H. Merczyng was honoured with a commemoration plate, made public on 24 Jun 1999, and a commemorative paper prepared for that occasion. The event was celebrated by Polish and Russian scientists and the Participants to the Conference UEES'99.
The proceedings on the project to name one of the streets in Szczecin after Michał Doliwo-Dobrowolski are co-ordinated by Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin. The first steps were undertaken after the 2nd International Conference UEES'96. During the 4th International Conference UEES'99 held in St. Petersburg the commemorative paper "Michał Doliwo-Dobrowolski - Eminent Electrician and European Engineer" was presented. During the latter Conference the Participants thereto placed the flowers under the commemoration plate on the house in Gatchina near St. Petersburg, where Michał Doliwo-Dobrowolski was born.
After the conference , on the 15th Sep 1999, there was a request sent to the Chairman of the Board of Szczecin Municipality, Mr. Dominik Górski, asking for a permission to name one oft the streets in Szczecin after M. Doliwo-Dobrowolski. The application was signed by Stanisław Bańka, Roman Cicharski, Wojciech Kramarz, Bogusław Montwiłł, Romuald Nowakowski, Wojciech Oleszak, Piotr Szymczak (chairman if initiating group) and Andrzej Wraga. The group undertakings were supported and promoted by several institutions, organisations and associations, both country-wide and local, in Szczecin.
After two years of preparatory works in the Commission of Public Safety and Self-governing, the Board of Szczecn Municipality named a square after the name of M. Doliwo-Dobrowolski on 29th May 2001. The square is situated nearby the Electrical Faculty of Technical University of Szczecin. The official celebration of the square naming is planned for 5 Sep 2001.


We would like to emphasize that over 10-year co-operation between the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Technical University of Szczecin and the Institute of Electrodynamical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, resulted in initiating new research direction os connected with electromechanical converters for new generation energies. There has been an original conference initiated UEES, to be organised alternatively at Baltic Sea or at Black Sea. Probably today the UEES Conference is the most significant periodic event of this kind among the countries of Central and East Europe.
We believe that good opinions and positive feedback we have received from the conference Participants will give rise to have the next conferences more interesting and better, arousing the interests of scientists and researchers not only in Central and East Europe but in Western Europe and the other parts of the World as well.
So far, the results having been achieved rise the pride, the highest satisfaction and delight of the researchers from Poland and Ukraine as well as the Authorities of co-operating institutions.


The photographs come from the archives of Organizers and private collections of individual Participants to the Conferences. The Organizing Committee would like to thank all persons for their willing and assistance in preparation of the material presented and permission for publication in the Conference materials.

Inauguration of UEES'96, 50-th Anniversary of Electrical Faculty, TU Szczecin. Speaking: M. Tałasiewicz, Governor of Szczecin Province. From the left: W. Kramarz, St. Bańka, St. Berczyński, V. A. Altov, P. Szymczak
UEES'96: Before starting the scientific debate, from the left: E. Koziej (Chairman of Program Committee), T. Jokinen, B. Fijałkowski (Chairman of Debates)
UEES'96: Paper presentation
"Trends in development of the unconventional
electromechanical systems" by A. A. Afonin

UEES'96: Poster session, discussion between A. T. Burkov and W. Malewicz
The Participants to UEES'97 during visit to interesting places in Crimea; Palace of Car; from the left: G. Plenzner, Mrs. Jokinen, P. Szymczak, M. Dąbrowski, J. F. Gieras
UEES'97: Rest Center, Kharkov State Politechnical University, Conference location, Alushta
The opening of UEES'99 at the famous aula of St. Petersburg State Technical University
UEES'99: Paper presentation and the atmosphere of concentration among debate participants; in the foreground: B. V. Sidelnikov
Museum at St. Petersburg State Transport University; from the left: T.R. Eastham, A. Lastovka, P. Szymczak, H. Tunia, M. P. Kaźmierkowski, R. Strzelecki
Press Conference at St. Petersburg State Technical University. Third from the left: Yu. S. Vasilyev, Co-Chairman of UEES'99, President of the above University
The Participants to UEES'99 putting flowers under the Commemoration Plate dedicated to M. Doliwo-Dobrowolski, placed on his house in Gatchina
Undraping the Commemoration Plate dedicated to H. Merczyng; from the left: J. Turowski, A. V. Plaks, V. Ye. Pavlov, Ya.B. Danilevich, Z. Ciok, J. Skotarek