23 Sep 2004, Thursday
Arrival and Accommodation of Participants and Guests

24 Sep 2004, Friday
1. Conference Opening Ceremony
2. Plenary session
3. Seminar "Stefan Drzewiecki - a pioneer of aviation and electric-driven submarine vehicles"
4. Excursion to Castle Livadia
5. Welcome Cocktail

25 Sep 2004, Saturday
1. Session S1
2. Session S2
3. Creaction of Committee of Michal Doliwo-Dobrowolski Memmory
4. Excursion following places of Adam Mickiewicz stay on Crimea

26 Sep 2004, Sunday
1. Session S4
2. Session S3
3. Meeting of Committees UEES
4. Trip to Massandra Vineyard

27 Sep 2004, Monday
1. Session S5
2. Session S6
3. Session S7
4. Seminar "Adam Mickiewicz - an eminent Polish poet, praiser of the Crimean beauty"
5. Round Table Discusion
6. Banquet

28 Sep 2004, Tuesday
Excursion to Yalta and the Swallow Nest Castle

29 Sep 2004, Wednesday
Visiting Crimean Power Engineering

30 Sep 2004, Thursday
Departure of Participants and Guests


Note: Conference Organizers reserve the right to modify the Program

LIVADIA - the summer residence (since 1861) of Tsar Nikolai II; moreover the palace is known as a place of Jalta Conference in 1945 with participation of W. Churchil, F.D. Roosvelt and J. Stalin.
JALTA - magnificent seaside resort, Alexander Nevsky`s Church, A.Tchekhov Museum (one of the most famous Russian writer).
SWALLOW`S NEST - very nice ride by boat to unique and beautiful place.
MASSANDRA - tasting of wine.